The bronco body is going back on the frame lets get a look at it!

We are laying down our black and green paint scheme on T2 Bronco

2nd update on our 2015 SEMA project from small to big

6.2 LS swap is moving forward

Body work on T2 Bronco

T2 BRONCO front end alignment and limit strap

T2 Bronco update

T2 bronco update part2

Update on T2 bronco part 1

SEMA 2015: We’re Gonna Build That!

    OK, so we’ve hinted around enough about having another fantastic opportunity coming our way recently. Guess it’s time to deal you in.  Last week, during our visit with Steve Heye, one of few sane Californians in existence, we pitched an idea, with hopes of landing an invite to SEMA-Las Vegas in 2015. We almost couldn’t believe he didn’t hesitate to  jump on the band wagon, but you can believe that we pitched him a project that would certainly augment Heatshield’s booth on Hot Rod Alley in a new way. So his decision wasn’t that tough, really. The video, below, explains how we plan to effectively highlight our sponsor by expressing our vision through a unique “model of transparency”.  We want to showcase Heatshield’s essential, best supporting cast, products that might ordinarily be hidden by our all-star finish work. Let’s begin with the unique model, then ease our way into the transparency stuff:

With big names like Heatshield, Eastwood, and John Bouchard Performance on board, there’s no way this x-ray ride won’t draw a crowd when the show starts next November.  Everything about this F-100 Ford will be old-school HUGE, (maybe the chopped top doesn’t qualify?) You’ll see all the pieces, and watch ‘em come together here, on our blog.  This one will be ’55 kinds of fun.  Thanks for keeping up!

TC Penick
Bay One Customs
Springfield, TN