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SEMA 2015: We’re Gonna Build That!

    OK, so we’ve hinted around enough about having another fantastic opportunity coming our way recently. Guess it’s time to deal you in.  Last week, during our visit with Steve Heye, one of few sane Californians in existence, we pitched an idea, with hopes of landing an invite to SEMA-Las Vegas in 2015. We almost couldn’t believe he didn’t hesitate to  jump on the band wagon, but you can believe that we pitched him a project that would certainly augment Heatshield’s booth on Hot Rod Alley in a new way. So his decision wasn’t that tough, really. The video, below, explains how we plan to effectively highlight our sponsor by expressing our vision through a unique “model of transparency”.  We want to showcase Heatshield’s essential, best supporting cast, products that might ordinarily be hidden by our all-star finish work. Let’s begin with the unique model, then ease our way into the transparency stuff:

With big names like Heatshield, Eastwood, and John Bouchard Performance on board, there’s no way this x-ray ride won’t draw a crowd when the show starts next November.  Everything about this F-100 Ford will be old-school HUGE, (maybe the chopped top doesn’t qualify?) You’ll see all the pieces, and watch ‘em come together here, on our blog.  This one will be ’55 kinds of fun.  Thanks for keeping up!

TC Penick
Bay One Customs
Springfield, TN

Heatshield Invades Dixie!

We’re extremely proud that Heatshield Products’ Steve Heye has shown Bay One the green light on a unique project for their SEMA booth next year.  (November 2015…More about that soon!) But I don’t know that TC might not be more proud about our new Heatshield Products mega-blanket!  You gotta check this mother cover out:

Above and beyond the call, wouldn’t you agree?
If you have any heat transfer issues bigger, or smaller, than this one,
you should call Steve and Bruce Heye.  Heatshield’s got your backing.

LS Engine Swap: Progress is made

The immaculate ’67 Chevy Station Wagon has been through most of the required steps to “repurpose” and install  the crate Corvette LS engine . The transmission tunnel required some alterations to allow for a larger transmission housing, drive shaft angles, etc, but by cutting instead of using the BF Hammer, you’ll cannot tell the adjustments were made… just a clean factory look.

As it is often expressed around here: “See Y’all Directly…”

Bay One Customs.com

Wrappin up the brake and pulley drive system on the bronco

Video Rewind: SEMA 2014 in Las Vegas

TC returned from SEMA 2014, surprisingly well rested, with video proof that he was there, and a green light on a project he’s been aching to build for many years. (He can “Harley” contain himself.) If that good news wasn’t enough, it looks like his tourist days are over… he will  return to SEMA 2015 as the master builder he’s meant to be.  In fact, he’s already had to “pick up” a project for the big event. More on that later.

For now, we’re going to roll out this candid SEMA/Las Vegas footage. Our editing staff has been stuck in overdrive, cruising through the  tons of raw  video footage. They managed to melt it all down to an agreeable 20 minute reel, linked for your viewing pleasure, below. We should warn our young viewers that portions of this video may not be appropriate for their consumption. That said, let’s take in the views from lovely Sin City…

Be sure and catch our next post, with information  about the big SEMA 2015 project, coming soon from Bay One Customs.



Project “Road Rage” gets a nose job

Before we shipped the 1969 Camaro RS “Road Rage” project off to be dyno’d by DBR High Performance for some fine-tuning, there was one more piece of fabrication that we agreed to take on at Bay One. That little chore involved cutting a hole in the hood to make room for the blower. The final product really sticks out in a crowd, and we only had to cut one hood to get it right. Here’s the video explaining how we did it:

Thanks for keeping up!

Bay One Customs
Springfield, TN

When The Cat’s away… stuff still get posted.

Since TC is on the road, he wanted us to post some ancient file footage from September, to keep our friendly subscribers better-informed until he gets back from SEMA 2014.  So, what we have here is an epic story of a guy who starts by reading some instructions, sez “that’s easy enough!”, then hands the project over to our hero, TC. We join the action there…

(from the YouTubes) “TC Penick @ Bay One Customs in Springfield TN provides more detailed information than the manufacturer does when it comes to installing some custom, shaved door handles on our 1969 Camaro RS/LS project “Road Rage”. There’s more to the latch system than meets the eye. Getting it to fit with their template left a lot to the imagination. Getting the mechanism to actually work required some serious fabrication. Before you unwittingly open up your door to a new kind of brain ache, you are encouraged watch this video.”

Thanks again for keeping up!
B1C Blogger

T-Square Bronco News and SEMA 2014

Published on Oct 31, 2014

Well, it’s about time to shift gears from the inside to the outside on our Thompson Square Bronco project. So much for scuff and shoot on this one, (ok, Dean D… you were right.) but the “frame-off lite” has allowed us to correct a wide range of unsafe and unattractive aspects that should not have been left as-was. This video may be the only good view that the road warriors Keifer and Shawna T will get before the Bronco body goes back on the chassis, so we thought we had better show off her inner beauty while we could still eyeball it.

And here’s a heads up: be prepared for a mess of stories about SEMA Show 2014 and TC’s return to Las Vegas as a project-less spectator, AND Honorary Judge-of-Paint- Jobs for Eastwood Products. The crowd he will be hanging with may look a little sketchy, but don’t be afraid to say “Hey” to Kevin Tetz, Ian Johnson, and John Brouchard, if you see ‘em. But, you might want to keep an exit excuse handy, in case they gets a little too detailed about personal experiences on “The Strip”.
Try to Keep up…
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