Lets get our woody blasted!

Lets get our woody blasted!

Lets cut this explorer apart

Time out at the shop lets go play at the corvette test track

Explorer joins the strip club, and Woody goes to pieces.

The body parts are starting to stack up at Bay One, and after some preliminary number crunching, it’s looking more like this merger might just work out better than imagined. Here’s the latest video update. Thanks for your interest in our project. -TCP

Woody and Explorer side by side lets get it on!!!!

Behold: the Woody!

After a fantastic showing at SEMA 2015,

Bay One welcomes the next project into the shop: a 1950 Ford Woody…

SEMA 2015: Part 3- final round.

Here’s a final look around the SEMA 2015 Ignitor “after party” that goes on in the convention center parking lot, after the parade. It is a great opportunity to see a bunch of the dream rides herded together outside in the parking lot, to burn off a little pent-up energy and talk some shop, before they load up and head home

. We may have been the only ones breaking the “no burn outs, no rev-ing engines” rules on the way to the party, but how often do you drive a bad-ass truck like this down the Las Vegas strip, right?

SEMA 2015: Part 2- show teardown, then off to parade

SEMA 2015: Part 1 is here!!