T-Square Bronco News

TC’s back from some well-earned R&R, and he’s already getting the on-hold list knocked down to size. Here’s the most recent view of what’s new with Kiefer Thompsons’ ’71 Bronco:

Bay One is also knocking out a bunch of back-logged video editing, so you may experience more than your ususal exposure to his mug as we try to get you up-to-speed with our posts.  If you’re trying to keep up… we thank you!

What a fun car to drive!

We do a quick run through of shop projects

Its like christmas everytime the parts delivery truck stops by.

Putting the paint on the Jag

Bronco update and quick look at other shop projects

Bayone heads to Kevin Tetz shop to help with one of his projects

Bronco frame gets blasted, pickled, epoxyed and painted

Part 2 of our console fab.

Gettin some work done on roadrage